I Hate My Ex Quotes [The Best One which will burn your ex]

Hello, Everybody! I am back with some best I hate my ex-quotes and fuck my ex-quotes! These are the best quotes I could find for you guys because I really love my readers!

Before Starting, I would like to tell you that the below quotes can be a quite offensive for some people! So, Reader Discretion is advised.

So, As I said that these are the best quotes I could find which will make your ex burn like hell because these are the best I hate my ex-quotes and Fuck my ex-quotes!

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1. I Act like I don't Care!
  Deep Down Inside My Mind,
  I Still Don't Give a fuck about you!

2. In Todays World, 
   It takes only 1 Bad Boyfriend 
   to realize that you deserve much 
   more and better than this!

3. I Seriously Thought that
   I Still love you but,
  I Only used to love the memories you used to be!

4.  Sometimes We only 
    Love the Memories
    and not the Person.

5.  We are all trying.
     to get over the person who broke our hearts. 
     but, We are all far from perfection!

6.  You used me as a toy,
      But, Karma will tell you at the end!
      That who would be the real toy.

7.  My EX had a very Bad Habit,
     And It was,

8.  It was very hard to leave my EX
     It is hard to Leave Bad Habits.

So Guys! This was it! These were the best I hate my ex-quotes and Fuck My Ex-Quotes! I hope that you liked all these quotes. I would be updating this post and adding some more quotes.

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