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Gurpurab, Guru Nanak Jayanti Best Quotes, Pictures HD, Guru Nanak Ji's Best Quotes are here for you guys!

Hello, Guys! I am back with another post because of the Blessings of Waheguru Ji! In this Article, I am going to give you some great Gurpurab Quotes, Pictures and many other things which I am sure you guys will love <3

Gurpurab this year is falling on 14th November and is a festival celebrated among the Sikh Community as Guru Nanak Ji's (The First Guru) Birthday fall on this day!

Gurpurab or Guru Nanak Jayanti is a very special day for the Sikh Community, and most of the people start their day by going to a Gurudwara and many people also distribute or Parshada among the poor people.

This Year, Gurpurab is falling on 14th November and this is the day which children's day also falls on and Hindu's religious day "Puranmashi" Which means this year, the date 14th November is a very special day!

So, As I said, That I am going to provide Guru Nanak Jayanti, Gurpurab Quotes, and Pictures! Then keep reading below.

"I Am Not Alone Because My Waheguru Ji is with me always <3"


The above quote is my favourite Quote and I always use the picture above on my Whatsapp DP also! I would recommend everyone to use this as their Whatsapp dp and tell the world -
I am not Alone because Waheguru Ji is with me always 
I Don't need Anyone Because Waheguru Ji is with me and I believe he will be with me always...

Waheguru Ji...

Fact: Waheguru Ji was one travelling with Mardana and Mardana said that he is thirsty and need to drink water but he was afraid because the river nearby was acquired by the Mughals but Guru Nanak ji said him to go and don't be afraid. One Person saw mardana drinking water from the river and he threw a very big rock on him but Waheguru Ji stopped the whole big rock by his one hand! The Place where the rock is in Pakistan and is known as the Panja Sahib.

When You Kneel Down in front of Guru Sahib Ji, He Stands up for you and when he stands up for you, No one can stand against you!!

Waheguru Ji...
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Thank You And I just want to say that enjoy this gurpurab and be happy and make others happy too.

Happy Gurpurab and Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti (Both are some :) )

Stay Tuned.


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